The Old Motor House in Rothbury

The Old Motor House is not a regular garage, it is the fruition of the dream of the owner Jon Radgick who has been mad about cars for all of his days.

It is a resource for all aspects of classic cars, encompassing advice, storage, servicing, restoration, upgrades - in fact anything to do with the enjoyment and use of older cars.

North Northumberland is one of England's least populated areas, with superb and nearly empty driving roads, and the spirit of the county attracts people who place great emphasis on a lifestyle of open countryside, stone houses, open fires and real communities and the use of a classic car fits very well with this lifestyle.

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Jon has competed in many classic car events and races world-wide

Modern cars are comfortable, fast, and convenient, but they are also mostly characterless, blobby clones of their competitors and they depreciate horribly. They are very reliable when new but fall apart rapidly when they reach about five years old.

A classic car which has been carefully selected to suit your lifestyle will be rewarding to use, will reflect your own character and tastes, if used regularly can be just as reliable as a newer car and will become a valued and loved member of the family. What is more over time it will probably increase in value rather than lose thousands every year.

Classic cars are not for everyone, and we don't pretend they are, but if they are for you then The Old Motor House will be a valuable resource to support and encourage your ownership of the car of your dreams, keep the car going well and to facilitate upgrades to use more modern technology where it is appropriate.