Jon Radgick

Jon and Sandra at the Goodwood Revival Meeting

Jon and Sandra at the Goodwood Revival Meeting

Jon bought the garage in 2000 when he was seeking a facility for looking after his own cars having moved to Northumberland after living and working in Central London. Having retired as a Chartered Surveyor and having run an auction house selling commercial investment property he was looking forward to a completely different lifestyle, and this has certainly proved to be the case.

Jon has always been keen on classic cars, his first car in 1974 was an Austin A40 Farina, followed by various minis, a Sunbeam Talbot 90 and on to a long string of cars, mostly British sporting cars. His first love is Aston Martin, he has owned his 1935 Mark II example for over 30 years, and for several years he was Vice Chairman of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust which runs the world's largest Aston Martin archive in Oxfordshire.

He also started and continues to encourage the Northumberland Proper Car Club, open to all those living in or near Northumberland who own a pre-war car of any marque. Typically for Jon he designed a club with no rules, no committee and no subscriptions which seems to work just fine, and currently has over 30 members collectively owning over 50 pre-war cars.

The Morris 'Mort' Goodall Trophy

The Morris 'Mort' Goodall Trophy

He has competed in countless classic car rallies, in Britain and around the world including driving from Paris to Peking, rallying into the Sahara desert, Corsica, Australia, New Mexico, from Vancouver to San Francisco and the California Mille Miglia. He has organised many forays for classic cars around Europe, often tied in with his love of wine and visiting vineyards.

Jon has come to know firsthand the delights of driving old cars, and the fact that when driven regularly they can be just as reliable as any other vehicle, and if a part does fail in an out of the way part of the world, there is a much better chance of a local blacksmith fixing an older part than figuring out an ECU or computer from a modern car.

Like most enthusiasts Jon loves to share his passion for old cars and The Old Motor House has developed from a need for just such a facility for his own use into a full blown business supporting the classic car community in and around Northumberland.

In 2016 Jon was very honoured to receive the Aston Martin Heritage Trust's Morris 'Mort' Goodall Trophy which is awarded for outstanding service to Aston Martin Heritage.

Sandra Nattrass

Sandra is a Chartered Accountant who in a more frenzied time in her life was a partner in KPMG dealing with personal and international taxation.

Moving to Northumberland gave her a chance of a more rewarding lifestyle, which apart from various charity commitments and managing two demanding dogs, includes keeping a firm hand on the financial tiller of Old Motor House, trying to restrain the rest of the team from spending all the funds on new projects and reminding them to send out bills occasionally.

She is a keen motorist herself, having owned her Aston Martin DB5 for over 25 years and is looking forward to her next daily driver, a 1959 Austin Westminster Countryman.

Russell Winter

Russell Winter welding

Russell Welding

Russell has spent all his adult life in the motor trade after acquiring a Btec National Diploma in Electronic Engineering. He is a skilled welder as well as a motor engineer, has rebuilt many dozens of engines, is experienced in all ages of classic cars and pre-war cars as well as much more modern machinery.

Russell laying rubber at Santa Pod

Russell laying rubber at Santa Pod

He is also a qualified MOT Inspector.

He has recently been involved in rebuilding the engines from a Daimler V8 Majestic Major, an Aston Martin DB4, an Aston Martin DB Mark III, and several Rover V8's both carburettor and efi among much else.

His personal interests include a deep knowledge of Audi Quattros, experience of road rallying, drag racing, turbo charging and rebuilding and modifying Range Rovers.