Marque Evante
Model Mk1
Year 1988
Price 12,500
Status SOLD
One of about 100 cars built by Evante (Vegantune) in the late 1980's to reflect the style and roadholding of the Lotus Elan but with more modern components and better build quality. Using a Ford 1699cc block with Vegantune twin-cam head produces 130+ bhp per ton, the tubular steel backbone chassis clad in a kevlar and carbon fibre body produces superb handling and a high quality leather interior with wooden dash produces a first class abience. This is a two owner car with low mileage (about 29500). It has new tyres and new hood & tonnueau, a rare roll bar and even rarer hardtop. MOT to March 13. You will struggle to find a better example anywhere.
Marque Bentley
Model Turbo RT
Year 1997
Price 20,000
Status SOLD
The RT is not a widely known Bentley model; it was produced in the final year of production of the Turbo before the Arnage was introduced. All built on the Long Wheel Base chassis, approx 250 were made. They are quite different to the standard Turbo R as they have the engine from the Continental T. This is slightly more powerful (up from 385 to 400bhp) but importantly much more torquey (from 400 to 600 lb ft). This enables a higher ratio rear axle which gives a superbly relaxed top gear - 100mph at just 2,500rpm. In addition the suspension settings are firmer giving sharper handling than the standard model, and the overall package gives an absolutely delightful driving experience, very rapid, superbly comfortable and five people plus lots of luggage are carried with ease.

This car is Jon Radgick's own vehicle, bought in 2008 when the mileage was just 24,000 for a trip to Le Mans to watch the 24 hour race, when it took five big blokes and all their gear with superlative ease. Since then it has been used for long distance touring and for "going out to dinner" trips when the ability to have four passengers and a driver is most useful.

Currently showing about 40,000miles, having been maintained by us regardless of cost, the car is ready to waft you anywhere at a moments notice.

The personal registration number reminiscent of Rolls Royces' own TU series always used on their press cars is included in the sale. The only reason for sale is that Jon has bought a replacement car and this one is now surplus.