We store all types of car, classics and more modern cherished cars, and we offer a full menu of services

Service Description Price
Basic Storage Car under a cover or dustsheet 24/week
Bubble Storage Car in a Carcoon or Airchamber 29/week
Pre-storage Valet From a wash and dry, to a full valet POA
Battery Conditioner Car connected to an intelligent trickle charger 1/week
Monthly Start-Up Run up to running temperature 1/week

Prices quoted are subject to VAT

All the cars are safely stored in our secure stone-built garage, fully connected with intruder and fire alarms.


We can service and repair any classic car, we carry out any mechanical function from changing spark plugs to a full engine rebuild. We have experience with many different marques, and we are skilled in finding hard-to-get spare parts. mechanic working on a classic car

MOTs and Annual Checks

We carry out MOT Tests on all private cars of any age (Class 4 MOTs) by appointment. Our modern MOT line is completely up to date and meets all modern regulations. Our Tester is completely familiar with classic cars and the regulations which apply to them, it is a very classic friendly facility though no less stringent for that.

Pre-1960 cars are now exempt from the annual MOT check. It is always good to have the burden of bureaucracy lifted, but it is a good idea to have an expert eye check over your older car now and then to pick up potential faults before they develop into safety issues. We have developed a special 50 point check system which enables us to assess your car and give you a written report on its condition for your peace of mind.


We can provide full restoration service whether that be transforming a container full of bits into a concours car or rejuvenating a tired car back to spick and span useable condition with all mechanical functions working as they should, cosmetically refurbished to whatever specification the owner chooses.

Restoring a classic to whatever specification the owner chooses We undertake all mechanical work ourselves, and work with skilled and trusted local craftsmen to provide services such as painting and trimming which we do not have the facilities to carry out in-house.

We have long experience in sourcing parts, especially those new old stock pieces which make all the difference to the final result, but we are equally happy for you to source your own parts if you prefer to do so.

At all stages the owner can be as involved as he or she wants, some prefer to wait to be wowed by the final product, others like to see the regular progress and understand the component parts. We are happy with either attitude, we just want you to be happy with the result.


Not everyone wants to upgrade their car, they prefer to keep it original, and that is a fine and worthy stance to take. For others who wish to use their classic on a regular basis the chance to make it more useable is a welcome opportunity.

There are so many upgrades available for just about every car these days that specifications can be brought up to almost that of a modern car if that is what you want.

A selection is listed below to give you some idea of what can be done

Braking systems

  • new materials are available for brake pads and shoes which greatly increase efficiency and reduce fade
  • ABS can be fitted
  • Drum brakes can be uprated to discs

Suspension upgrades and performance kits

Air conditioning quite an expensive upgrade, but for many cars a discreet and efficient air conditioning system can be fitted. Cars with early systems can be made more efficient

Heater matrix replaced with more efficient unit

Automatic transmission may be changed to manual, or vice-versa Power steering modern electric systems are very good and can be fitted to most classics

Electric windows

Central Locking

Alarms and immobilisers

Radios and audio systems can be modernised discreetly or replaced with modern equipment

Fuel injection can be fitted to replace carburettors

Manual gearboxes can be changed to auto or vice versa, old auto boxes can be replaced with modern auto boxes

Dynamos can be replaced with an alternator

Positive earth converted to negative

Electronic ignition

High performance starter motors

Parking sensors

Cruise control

Hazard flashers

Old light bulbs can be replaced with halogen or LED lights

Have a chat with us to see what is available to make using your car even more of a pleasure